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After the mini-series and the portable Nintendo DS title, Lalaloopsy games online have become the next big craze among the young fans of the popular American rag doll. Launched in 2010, Lalaloopsy has been all the rage in the previous holidays wherein the main goal of the kids is to get hold of a character doll to play with. For those who got techie kids around, here are the top three websites that you should checkout for online games featuring this adorable group of dolls.

Exploring Lalaloopsy’s Virtual World at is the official website of the toy franchise which features the popular rag doll characters in animated videos and interactive games. As a product tie-in, the site also provides links to local stores that carry the Lalaloopsy line of dolls and play sets. Accessing the site and playing the Lalaloopsy games online is free. It does not require the kids to register except when the parents decide to opt-in for the official newsletter. Get the free android app today!

Lalaloopsy Land

Lalaloopsy Land 3d Adventure Game
Lalaloopsy Land 3d Adventure Game’s main attraction is the Lalaloopsy Land, a role-playing game built in three-dimensional graphics (3D). Other mini games featured on the site do not only appeal to the kids’ interest in play houses, but also aim to teach some basic arithmetic, reading and memorization skills. Its child-friendly interface, coupled with a handful of fun and educational games, makes the most bookmarked site for young fans of the well-loved toy brand.

Lalaloopsy Land is a virtual playing area for kids wherein one takes on the role of a Lalaloopsy character living among the other 14 virtual rag dolls and pets. Set in 3D graphics, the game interface boasts of a series of charming sceneries and customizable characters. There is the vicarious thrill of playing this digital version of a play house in which kids assume the roles of the characters instead of acting out their movements by having an actual doll in their hands.


Upon entering the Lalaloopsy Land, the player is provided with options for choosing her own doll character. Much like when physically dressing up a doll, their outfits are also customizable. Each character has 7 sets of outfit for the entire game which include its official costume (the one seen on the original Lalaloopsy range), pajamas and party dresses among other necessary clothing. There is also one male character in this game and his outfits are limited to only three sets.

Moving around this virtual world is a breeze, thanks to the intuitive arrow controls and a dedicated map which allows the players to instantly explore the Land’s various spots such as the house blocks of other Lalaloopsy characters, the park and the pond. Each landmark, particularly the park, offers fun activities for the virtual dolls and their pets. Interaction between characters or any objects can be initiated whenever the “!” icon appears on the screen.

As for the characters, each Lalaloopsy virtual doll has its own quirks. Their unique names are usually the basis for creating their animations for the Lalaloopsy games online. For instance, Pillow Featherhead is often seen yawning when idle. These seemingly trivial movements give the kids the idea to explore more of each character in the game.

Additional Games Available To Play

  • Mittens’ speedy ski, an iphone app available for download.
  • Hide & Seek, Lalaloopsy have hidden their favorite things in Lalaloopsy land! Find them all before time runs out!
  • Paint Park, Spot Splatter Splash is adding some color to the Lalaloopsy park! Find the plain objects and paint them to make them perfectly pretty!
  • Sleepy Sheep, Help Pillow Featherbed get a good night’s sleep by counting sheep before time runs out!
  • Joyful Juggling, Peanut Big Top and her pet elephant are learning to juggle! Help them with their lessons, but don’t drop the balls!
  • Patch’s Treasure Hunt, Patch Treasurechest is looking for treasure! Help him find the golden keys and unlock the treasure chests before time runs out!
  • Mittens’ Speedy Ski, Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff is a ski star, but she needs your help collecting buttons! Ski and collect magical buttons to score points!
  • Jewel Jubilee, Jewel Sparkles has lost some of her favorite treasures! Help her find them now!
  • Space Surprise, Dot Starlight is on a journey through space, and she needs to get home. Fly through the rings to return her to Lalaloopsy land!
  • Recipe Race, Help Crumbs Sugar Cookie make delicious desserts by choosing the right ingredients before time runs out!
  • School Supply Search, Bea Spells-A-Lot is missing some school supplies! Help her owl find the supplies before time runs out!
  • Jewel’s Sparkling Tiaras, Create your own sparkling tiara with pretty paint, glimmering jewels and beautiful sparkles in this game inspired by Lalaloopsy for Nintendo DS!
  • Lalaloopsy Carnival of Friends, Match the colorful cards to objects hiding behind carnival balloons. Complete all the levels to unlock Harmony B. Sharp!

Fun Offline Activity with’s Crumbs Board Game is one of the popular kiddie websites that raised the bar for wholesome interactive games. Basically, it banks on the children’s interest in their favorite Nick Jr. animated shows for offering educational online activities for preschoolers and kids below eight years old.’s online games are designed with progressive difficulties to challenge the kids in the areas of arithmetic, object association and memorization. One of its unique features is its dedicated section for printable offline games.

A DIY board game that parents and kids build together.

Printable Crumbs Board Game
Printable lalaloopsy Crumbs board Game
  • Crumbs Board Game, Crumbs is having a party and you’re all invited! Take a trip around Lalaloospy land collecting friends and supplies before gathering for a tea party with Crumbs!

The Crumbs Board Game may not actually be categorized as one of the Lalaloopsy games online, but it sure attracts the interest of the youngsters. Its objective is to collect character friends and supplies for Crumbs’ tea party. The players will take turns in spinning the arrow of the wheel that is provided for the game to determine each player’s moves. Unlike most online games, this one involves the other kids and even the whole family.

To be able to play this game, the parent should print the templates provided for the board, spinner and character puppets on a card stock or other similar paper. It will be more fun and at the same time educational if the kids are allowed to help in cutting out the game essentials. These templates are available on the site and are free to download and print. They also include the DIY instructions and the mechanics of the game.

Getting Creative with’s Lalaloopsy Digital Painter is the official online portal of Disney animations franchise. It has several sub-sections that include the Disney Create, which is among the favorite haunts of kids when it comes to interactive and creative games. Disney Create features several online drawing apps that have unique themes to suit the interest and creativity level of the kids. Some of the popular digital painters include photo mash-ups of popular Disney characters, simple animations and comics. Kids’ artworks are posted around the site and are categorized by popularity.

A place to draw and share online.

Silly Hair Digital Painter
Silly Hair Digital Painter
  • Lalaloopsy Digital Painter, create your own Silly Hair style drawings with the ability to save and share.

Lalaloopsy also has its own version of a digital painter at Dubbed as “Silly Hair Digital Painter“, this online app allows the kids to draw their own “silly” hairstyles for their favorite Lalaloopsy doll characters. It is like a native drawing program on an offline computer except for some quirks and connectivity requirements. After the kids have finished working on their drawings, they can choose to save or share their artworks on the website or their preferred social networking site.

In order to access this app seamlessly, an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player must be installed first. First-time users will be acquainted with the basic elements of the drawing board through an easy-to-understand dialog box. After the tutorial, it’s drawing time for the kids.

The highlight of the app is the vertical hairstyle toolbar that features an array of styled locks to be used on the drawing. The tools provided on the app include pen, spray can, stamp, magnifier, dropper, text and eraser. Art-related Lalaloopsy games online such as this are ideal for children aged 4-8 years.